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About Us

Buchanan Reporting, Inc., is a full-service court reporting agency with over 13 years’ experience in providing the highest quality of litigation support to Chicago-based law firms. Our reporters are experienced, highly motivated, and professional and handpicked by Buchanan Reporting specifically tailored for our clients’ unique needs. We are recognized as a boutique agency, which means we can dedicate the time and attention to every client and every case with the most ethical, accurate, and professional service. Consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations is our goal for every assignment.

Terry Buchanan, CSR

Terry Buchanan, with over 21 years’ experience, is both owner and reporter, known by her clients for her professionalism and reliability. Terry prides herself on forming long-term relationships with her clients and personally invests her time into overseeing every detail of their needs.
Friendly and competent, Terry ensures that Buchanan Reporting is at the forefront of technology while providing the highest quality litigation-support to Chicago-based as well as larger international law firms. Terry’s goal for Buchanan Reporting is to always exceed the expectations of its clients.

Marlo Rodriguez, CSR, RPR Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President, Marlo Rodriguez, has over 23 years’ experience in the court reporting industry. Marlo is highly skilled in her profession and demonstrates this to our clients through reporting complex trials, quick turnaround, technical litigation cases, along with a myriad of other stenographic opportunities requested by clients. Marlo accepts any and all challenges, and her work speaks for itself.

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